GDG “The Big Little Book of X-mas Ornaments” Vol. 1 & 2 by Maria Wedel & Johanna Ans

GDG “The Big Little Book of X-mas Ornaments” Vol. 1 & 2 by Maria Wedel & Johanna Ans

It is almost there, Christmas is coming… are you already coloring or making your X-Mas cards? Maybe we have some lovely help for you…to color…to cut out….make a card or X-mas ornament of it. Two big fat minibooks are made for you to have a lot of fun with it. I already had, I draw, and colored tons of it, of course to make those beautiful covers for the books in the first place.

x-mas-mini-volume-1 x-mas-mini-volume-2
Maria took care of the templates, and after that we both start to fill in the ornaments, wit patterns, funny faces, small drawings, all kinds of ornaments so you will find your favorites!
Let us take a look inside the books, start with Volume 1

That are a lot of ornaments to color for you, isn’t it…but there is more! Take a look with me in Volume 2

I colored almost a 100 of those ornaments, I will show you some examples. You can see them already on the cover, but it looks better for you when you see it also with the white background….
20160821_093654-1 20160821_093924-1-1
I colored this X-Mas sock with Derwent Inktense, lovely bright colors to use

20160821_094457-1 20160821_095049
After I put my X-mas colors on paper I get my Sakura Koi Waterbrush, and make the colors even more bright. I love those pencils! I finish my sock with some beautiful golden gelpen, Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic, one of my favorite gelpens.

20160821_100114-1 20160821_100219-1
You can color in traditional, but also do it just the way that it fits with your X-Mas decorations that you already have… I colored all different ways, so I hope to send the best choice to my family and friends, fitting with there style! Chique Black, White and Red… Colored with Sharpies, Uniball Signo white gelpen and ShinHan alcoholmarkers.
6-1 7-1 14-1
Or colorful Rainbow X-Mas… Easy coloring with Sharpies and Stabilo 68
18-1 70-1 117-1
And what about the funny X-Mas, for those who have kids, I think they would love to color funny faces like these! I used Derwent Inktense, Spectrum Noir Markers and my Stabilo 88 Fineliners for the last one, just a different style to color, make patterns!
39-1 62-1 107-1
And there are of course the animal lovers, who also do there X-Mas mood in Pawstyle, we thought about that too!
jh-31 jh-35 jh-36
But I also start to craft, to make a X-mas card, that also can be used as a X-mas ornament for the receiver, without losing the X-Mas wishes on the card…. I will show you in a small video…

So you can see, you can have some lovely evenings, coloring and make your own special cards and decorations, by yourself, or with your whole family. If you like to have a copy yourself, you can find the GDG “Big Little Books of X-Mas Ornaments” right here…

The Big Little Book of Xmas Ornaments 1: Christmas coloring fun for all ! (Volume 1)

101 single page big decorated Christmas ornaments to color and have fun with, So here is “The Big Little Book of Xmas Ornaments” 1. There are pages for all levels of coloring, so the whole family can enjoy this and have fun with it … lots of possibilities cut out your designs and use for Christmas cards … or use for Christmas Decorations … or just enjoy coloring in the book ….

The Big Little Book of Xmas Ornaments 2: Christmas coloring fun for all ! (Volume 2)

101 single page big decorated Christmas ornaments to color and have fun with, So here is “The Big Little Book of Xmas Ornaments” 2. There are pages for all levels of coloring, so the whole family can enjoy this and have fun with it … lots of possibilities cut out your designs and use for Christmas cards … or use for Christmas Decorations … or just enjoy coloring in the book ….

Have a lot of fun upcoming X-Mas time, decorate your houses, make family happy with nice wishes and cards, love your family and friends…

Your blogger Johanna Ans & Global Doodle Gems. You can also join our fangroup Global Doodle Gems, to be part of our family, share your favorite colored work or find some inspiration to color yourself!


GDG Colorworkshop in art-suppliesstore Schepping VOF in Zutphen, The Netherlands

GDG Colorworkshop in art-suppliesstore Schepping VOF in Zutphen, The Netherlands

We, Manuela Bremer and Johanna Ans, will do 3 workshops coloring in the art-supplies store Schepping VOF. We also have a package of Global Doodle Gems Books with us, to show and sell to the Dutch custumors inhere… That might be the way, to make GDG ‘famous’ in our country…we have to start somewhere! Schepping VOF, what did I see there…. A lot of craftsupplies and a gorgeous counter with coloring material, also shelves filled with coloringbooks…I hope we will take a part of those shelves in the future! For the first time I could take a look at the Diamond Cabinet from Koh-I-Noor for real….I did not realize how big it is… It’s huge! And I cried, yup I did, so overwhelmed by the smell, the look at all those gorgeous colors. 9 drawers full of color, 2 extra drawers, i for small stuff, the other for your artbooks, paper etc. I was in love, even if I do not know all the material myself, but the look at that kabinet was enough! But we have the change to test…started the first day with Koh-I-Noor Polycolor and Mondeluz. Manuela already had a set of different brands, all red, to test, very nice to see her result!

Wij, Manuela en Johanna Ans, gaan 2 workshops kleuren geven in de kunstenaarswinkel Schepping VOF in Zutphen. Natuurlijk hebben we een pakket Global Doodle Gems boeken bij ons, om te showen, maar vooral ook om te verkopen. Een opening na de beurs, om GDG “bekend” te maken in ons land…ergens moeten we beginnen toch? Schepping VOF, wat zag ik daar allemaal… heel veel knutselspullen, papier en een prachtige hoek met kleurmateriaal…en een flink rek met planken vol kleurboeken, hoe mooi zou het zijn als wij in de toekomst daar ook een hoekje op hebben! Ook heb ik voor de eerste keer in het echt de Koh-I-Noor Diamant Hidden Cabinet gezien, ik had me niet gerealiseerd hoe groot die eigenlijk is…een meter hoog en breed is die zeker! Moest gewoon huilen, zo overweldigend om te zien, de geur ook, al die kleurenpracht! 9 lades vol kleur, en 2 extra lades, 1 met vakjes, en de andere voor je tekenblokken ed…was helemaal ken ik praktisch niets van Koh-I-Noor…de aanblik was genoeg! Maar we gaan testen dus… te beginnen met Koh-I-Noor Polycolor en -Mondeluz die eerste dag! Manuela had een gemengde set van tevoren al, met allerlei kleuren rood, ook erg leuk om te zien!
15057960_977138542414372_1774822530_n 15050470_977142229080670_683352111_n
14996498_977138519081041_808216500_n 15049994_977139039080989_125692421_n
15046456_977138565747703_538556742_n 15050398_977138975747662_1555554753_n
15050243_977138769081016_778329150_n 15050405_977138682414358_1396497933_n
15057990_977138965747663_1657667239_n 15032484_977138915747668_351359711_n
Let’s us start with the test that Manuela did, with different brands, all red..I was surprised that we only had red colors to test in the first place, but the result is beautiful, and Manuela liked it too! Most important was the test on the different paper we had for the freebies…And all brands worked pretty fine, on both papers. But is was also very very good paper, I don’t have it myself, I wish!
Laten we beginnen met de test die Manuela heeft gedaan, verschillende merken, allemaal rood…ikzelf was verrast dat we alleen roodtinten kregen om uit te testen, maar het resultaat is erg mooi geworden, en belangrijker Manuela vond het superleuk! Het belangrijkste was dat we de 2 verschillende papiersoorten testten voor de freebies… En al het materiaal deed het super op dit papier. Het was dan ook wel erg goed papier, ik heb het zelf helaas niet…zou wel willen!

I started the workshop by collecting 2 color palettes from Koh-I-Noor, 9 colors Polycolor (Earth for me) and 11 colors Mondeluz (backgroundcolors in my case for this drawing) A soft pencil, but also very smooth too, that’s a nice experience. Colors blend pretty easy and I was surprised too how easy it goes over black lines, you can smooth your black lines if you like that, a lot of pigment! First thing I thought, I have to trie that at home on black paper too. Of course I was to busy, look around, talk to people about Global Doodle Gems, learn more about the store, so I did not finish my coloring…but that I will do this week! I am surprised with those pencils…I think I like them a lot hahaha…Manuela has to try them, I will give her the testset after I am finished…Coloring 2 postcards with those brands…also using Uniball Signo (sparkles) and Posca (waterbased paintmarkers) (Both also in the store Schepping VOF)
Ik ben de workshop begonnen met het verzamelen van 2 kleurenpaletten van Koh-I-Noor, 9 kleuren Polycolor (aardetinten voor mij) en 11 kleuren Mondeluz (achtergrondkleuren voor deze plaat). Een zacht en smeuïg potlood, dat is een leuke ervaring. De kleuren mengen gemakkelijk, en ik was helemaal verbaasd hoe ze over de zwarte lijnen gaan, je kunt de lijnen er makkelijk mee vervagen als je wil, goed dekkend potlood dus! Het eerste wat ik dus bedacht,, dat moet ik thuis testen op zwart papier. Ik was te druk, rondkijken, met de klanten praten over Global Doodle Gems, meer over de winkel leren, dus ik heb mijn plaat niet af…maar dat komt deze week nog wel. Ik ben toch wel verrast door deze kleurpotloden…ik denk dat ik ze wel erg leuk vind ook haha..Manuela gaat ze ook nog proberen, ik geef haar de testset door deze week als ik klaar ben… Ik ben 2 kaartjes aan het inkleuren hiermee..ook maak ik gebruik van Uniball Signo en Posca verfstiften (beiden ook in het assortiment van Schepping VOF)

Koh-I-Noor Polycolor, GDG Cat Gems, artist Johanna Ans
20161113_191008 20161113_191025
My postcards are from the magazine Kleurglossy, artist Julia Woning, Dikke Dames (Fat Ladies) I did this with the KIN Mondeluz, and how easy those pencils color, really easy losing the pigment on the paper. I worked with a Mona waterbrush, there are different kinds in the store, I choosed the cheapest one, just to see if he was just as fine as my own, my Sakura Koi Waterbrushes, and it is!

Mijn briefkaarten komen uit de Kleurglossy, getekend door Julia Woning, bekend van de Dikke Dames. Ik heb de eerste ingekleurd met KIN Mondeluz, en hoe gemakkelijk deze potloden kleuren, z elaten echt heel makkelijk pigment los. Ik heb een goedkope waterbrush gekozen, van Mona, bewust, om te vergelijken met mijn eigen Sakura Koi Waterbrushes, enne, ik merk weinig tot geen verschil!
20161113_122805 20161113_120248-1
For details, I take the color directly from my pencil
Voor detail,neem ik met de waterbrush de kleur direct van het potlood vandaan
20161113_133510-1 20161113_133524-1
Now its time for some extra special effects, Uniball Signo sparkles, I love them!
Tijd voor wat speciale effecten, en wel met Uniball Signo Glitters, ben dol op ze!
20161113_141813_001 20161113_145203
My second postcard, also from Kleurglossy, Julia Woning, I will do with KIN Polycolor, and the details with the Posca markers. Posca has a lot of different colors, in different sizes, big fat points to small finelinerpoints, and they are really great. You can use them on almost any surface, but also great material to color! Quick dry, easy to put on an extra color, like the effects! I use a Caran d’Ache Full Blender Pencil to make my skintone from red and light grey, I choosed a small color palette so improvise!
20161113_172859 20161113_173746
Mijn tweede kaartje ook uit de Kleurglossy, doe ik met de Polycolor, en details met Poscapennen. Posca heeft heel veel verschillende kleuren in verschillende diktes, van hele dikke tot fineliners, en ze zijn echt geweldig! Je kunt ze op vrijwel iedere ondergrond gebruiken, maar ze zijn dus ook heerlijk om mee te kleuren. Droogt snel, makkelijk een nieuwe kleur op de andere, geeft leuk effect! Ik gebruik een Caran d’Ache Full Blender potlood om van rood en lichtgrijs, mijn huidskleur te maken, heb nu eenmaal gekozen voor een klein kleurenpalet…dus improviseren! 
Tried something too, wanted to know if those pencils work ON the Poscapaint too…and oh yes, they will, quiet easy. So that means, that after using paint I can go on with pencil to shade if I want…I colored the red dots with Polycolor on the wallpaper, over the dry paint!
20161113_215826 20161113_220337
Tuurlijk moet ik ook weer iets ongewoons uitproberen, kijken of het potlood ook kleurt op de Posca verf…en nog gemakkelijk ook! Je zou dus gewoon met potlood kunnen schaduwen op de verf als je dat zou willen… ik kleurde dus heel gemakkelijk de rode puntjes op de verf in het behang

And yes, of course people where interested in our Global Doodle Gems books too, showed them, talked about the books, and our great collaboration of artists from all over the world…. We will color the next time on Schepping VOF‘s place on November 26. Than we will work with Faber Castell-, Koh-I-Noor- and Caran d’Ache pastel pencils, all 3 brand new experience for Manuela and me…are you with us?

En ja, natuurlijk waren de klanten geïnteresseerd in de boeken van Global Doodle Gems, we hebben ze laten zien, gepraat over onze samenwerkende tekenaars van over de hele wereld. De volgende keer gaan we kleuren bij Schepping VOF op 26 november. We gaan dan Faber Castell-, Koh-I-Noor- en Caran d’Ache pastelpotloden uitproberen, voor Manuela en mij allemaal onbekende pastelpotloden….kom je met ons mee kleuren? Alle kleurmaterialen die dag 15% korting!

Your blogger Johanna Ans & GDG Colorist Manuela Bremer

GDG “How do we store our stuff…by some Dutchies”

GDG “How do we store our stuff…by some Dutchies”

How do you store your stuff? Some people keep everything in the original package, others like to buy or make their own store. I asked some of my friends how they store…. I will show you the desk from my friend Wendy Hofstee Wiersma (Wendy Kleurt), a pretty nice small cabinet from my friend Karin Speijer Kamp (Karin’s Kleurplaten) and the desk from my friend Peggy Sue Karunding (Peggy Sue’s Artwork)

And my storage… I never usually show it because it feels like “look what I have”, but then I realised…it was always there, a collection from over 40 years, so it is of course a huge storage… and a huge collection. As I also review for Global Doodle Gems, sometimes for Akasha, BBNC, Kosmos then of course you just have a lot! I’ve had materials from different stores to test….. so I do have a huge collection of books, and a huge collection of materials to color and draw with. I also had 50 B-Days, over 25 times Sinterklaas, 28 times Mother’s days with 3 kids….yeah, then of course it grows! And I have friends, where I have helped with a re-design of their house, and I did every job that was needed…because I was a pretty good “HandyMan!!!”….. and they sometimes gave me gorgeous materials….So I am proud of what I have… I never asked for anything other than coloring stuff…I just love it…it is my way, my style, my life!

Let us start with the gorgeous video that Wendy made about her storage!

All the small cabinets in the big ones, are from Ikea, I know that she put on the beautiful paper just a few weeks ago, it makes it look even more beautiful! The storage that she uses is from Action in the Netherlands, a kind of dollarstore, you all have something similar in your countries. She only paid 3 euro’s for it, and look how handy it is!

I will now show you some step by step storage that I made myself, a long time ago, and some brand new specially for this blog!
The first most simple storage I made, was once a wine box….it was near my friends fireplace to be burned…NO WAY!!!
20160712_095821 20160712_095901
20160712_095923 20160712_095943
That is easy to make ha….and look how much you can store this way! Of course I have some little things too, that can easily roll off the table or be taken away by one of my cats, so I had to make something for that stuff too….
I bought 3 small storage containers that was meant for putting your letters in, your mail, your pens and a memo block…not even 3 euro’s each. I put on some paint with a sponge, put 2 of them together  with some bits that I found in my garage….and this is how I used it ….
20160712_100058 20160712_100138
20160712_100147 20160712_100158
Together they take up this small space in my big cabinet!

Now I will show you a small simple but gorgeous solution if you collect brands one by one, and want to store them in a beautiful way! Karin bought a small cabinet in Action store for only 5,95 euro. It is already a beauty without any additions! She asked her brother to put in some extra wood…and look how great this is!
Karin's Kleurplaten     Karin 2
KarinKarin 3
What a beauty Karin…I have the original tin for my Caran d’Ache Neocolor 2, but if I did not have that, I would copy your idea!

I am a smoker, sorry, but that also means, that I have a lot of handy pots, to use for everything…I play bowling with my grandson with them, collect marbles in them, all kinds of small stuff….. but you can also build a marker or pencil store from them. I looked in my garage, what do I have…it is Sunday morning so no store can help me with anything that I don’t have…. and this is what I found…
20160713_104543 20160713_105108 20160713_110130
Some wood, some pots, tape, screws and my handy machine to start with….
20160713_110228 20160713_110447
I use the lids as a reinforcement on the bottoms of the pots, screwed the wood together, put some glue on it…and I made a start
20160713_110517 20160713_110634
The pots on the side, I taped all over, in the middle, just on the top. Then put some glue on the lids before I stuck them to the bottom of the pots
20160713_110725 20160713_110841 20160713_111006
After that, I built my store, put the pots together as close as possible and attached them to the wood with 1 or 2 screws.
20160713_122725 20160713_122855 20160713_123842
On top of the pots I some more wood, the same way as I did the first. This will become a small extra shelf!
20160713_124134 20160713_124644 20160713_125155
Because of the weight of the filled pots, I made some hooks on my storage, used a stapler to put the pots together, all to strengthen the pots.
20160713_125806 20160713_130045 20160713_130217
I then made 2 holes in the wood to put in a piece of rope, I glued it into the hole…used my hand as a weight for a minute or 3, so it will be strong enough…. and, this is how it ended up! It took me about an hour, hour and a half, because I had to work on my pictures too in between… BTW, this is my working space you are looking at…right behind me is my cabinet and my scanner, so I can grab everything that I need, almost without getting out of my chair!

Now it is time for the beautiful storage of Peggy Sue. She has a storage I think everybody will love! It is a tailored cabinet, gorgeous! How nice it must be working on a “clean” desk like hers!
13702407_10210259164335417_1823682870_o  13823541_10210259163495396_1082643701_n
13833066_10210259163215389_1584986678_o 13838042_10210259166455470_510276807_o
If you want to see more of these gorgeous cabinets…look on this page

And now of course…. you want to see my cabinet…. pff…for the first time on the internet… The books you see…is my collection from Global Doodle Gems, I love to have them together now, without any other book on those shelves… Behind the glass section in the middle, on the right, there are my books to inspire… Zentangle, Doodle and Mandala books…my favorites besides the GDG collection. All other kind of books are behind the doors… together with my wine and catfood hahaha. On the leftside above, you see my collection of pencils…pretty expensive boxes…. that I got from others, who do not use the original tins, because I like to collect small sets of 12-24, and put them in bigger boxes, so that I can have only 1 or 2 big boxes on my table instead of 10 small tins…
So…here it is…my workspace, my Walhalla, my Heaven!
20160702_222919 20160702_222930

Oh…and this week, I needed something new on my work desk…for my drawing pens, my graphite pencils and paper stumps, my colored Microns, my paintbrushes, and the new stuff that came with my Ezy Shaid Set that I got this week for a review…so I had to make something nice again… so…go upstairs Johanna, what’s in your craftroom… and make something for that!
20160714_162743 20160714_163333-1
A small white 1.89 euro cellphone wooden box, all my stuff that I want in there, painted the box with white chalk paint (gesso), put on some paper napkins (decoupage technique), and started to store!

20160714_163444 20160714_163614
20160714_163822 20160714_163906 20160714_163933
My desk again!

And if you have something like this cd storage…. look how easy you can make it into a storage for your pencils and markers! Use the flattest cd-boxes as a platform…. this will take just 5 minutes to make!
20160712_100953 20160712_101051 20160712_101127

So, this was a big blog…hope that it was not boring to you all, doing it this way…or even better, I hope that we gave you some ideas to do it yourself! Maybe I will make more storage, with step by step pictures, because a friend of mine, will have a new craft room soon, that needs storage too for herself and the kids, for their coloring stuff…

Kind regards, your blogger, Johanna Ans for all of you!

Cobwebs and transparancy by Karin’s Kleurplaten (Karin Speijer Kamp)

Spinnenwebben en andere transparante afbeeldingen

Ik merk dat ik de laatste tijd veel vragen krijg over hoe ik iets doe. Ik vind dat zelf moeilijk uitleggen omdat ik ook vaak maar wat uitprobeer. Mijn laatste probeersel was om iets transparant te krijgen. Ik was met de Uilenplaat bezig uit Rhapsody in the forest en ik kwam daar lampionplantjes tegen ( heb ik wel even na moeten vragen )

Karin gets a lot of questions about how she does what she do. She says that it sometimes is difficult to explain, because she also has to try out the new things. She was working on a coloring in the book Rhapsody in the forest, and there she saw the Chinese Lantern plant.



Terwijl ik met de kleurplaat bezig was, zat ik maar te verzinnen, hoe ga ik dat aanpakken ? Ga ik dat met een glitterpen doen ? En eerlijk gezegd ging ik steeds langzamer kleuren omdat ik gewoon niet wist wat ik er mee aan moest. En toen ineens kreeg ik een ingeving .. stippelen

While Karin was busy coloring, all the time she had to think about, how am I gonna do that? Will I use sparkelpen? She was coloring slower and slower, not knowing what to do…and there came the idea!… stippling!!!

Zo moest het dus worden, dus begrijpen jullie waar ik mee zat ? haha

That’s what it should become, do you feel how I felt?

En zo is het geworden… ik vind het zelf wel goed gelukt, maar het blijft moeilijk om iets natuurgetrouw na te kleuren.

And this became the result… I think Karin did a very good job, mentioning that she says, it is hard sometimes to true to nature.


Nu was ik voor Global Doodle Gems bezig met een Halloween kleurplaat, met een aantal spinnenwebben en daar heb ik dat ook op deze manier gedaan. ( deze kan ik nog niet laten zien ) maar ik heb wel een klein filmpje gemaakt met een kleurplaat uit mijn geheime tuin.

Karin was busy with a coloring for Global Doodle Gems, for Halloween volume 3, with a couple of cobwebs, that was the second tryout with this technique (can not be shown for now). But we know Karin, where there is a problem, there is also a solution, she started a coloring in The Secret garden and made a small video.





Ik wil Ans bedanken voor de tip om dit online te zetten en ik hoop dat jullie er wat aan hebben.

Karin thanks me for the tip to blog it, but I think that we all have to thank Karin that she will share this beautifull idea with us. So we can learn to do this ourselves!

This time a copy cat blogger, with permission from Karin Speijer Kamp, to use this very usefull information and excamples

Johanna Ans & team Global Doodle Gems