Global Doodle Gems & Kleurglossy (Translation of the article)

Global Doodle Gems & Kleurglossy (Translation of the article)

You all knew that we are in the Dutch magazine “Kleurglossy” from publisher Personalia, but for the most of you, it was not possible to read the article…of course I thought of a solution, and asked my friend and colorist Leo Delescen (AKA Nightcolorist) to translate the article for you. Thank you very much for your time Leo!
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We had a small talk about our great book GDG “The directory of Who’s Who”. It is a petty that they forgot to mention the blog about the book, that the biggest colorgroup of The Netherlands made, “Kleuren voor Volwassenen”. Because that was a part of this adventure! But let us start, so you can read yourself!

Global Doodle Gems is a worldwide collaboration of over 130 committed artists, illustrators and colorists. It was launched last year by 42 year old Danish artist Maria Wedel. And it catches on. By now almost a hundred coloring books have been published with contributions of countless Global Doodle Gems artists. And it is still counting… A conversation with Maria and her Dutch right hand Johanna Ans van den Broek about the how and why of this colorful initiative.

It all started when I received requests from several artists within my network for coloring in my drawings before I myself had the time for that. That’s funny, I thought, maybe this is a way to bring together artists who love drawing and coloring together. Without hindrance of publishers who’s only goal is to make profit but instead the possibility of publishing by a group of people and keep ownership of our own work. Thus the idea of Global Doodle Gems sprang into life in 2015. So I already posessed a network of artists. I decided to ask them if they would be interested in joining me.Within no time a group of 50 people was formed. And now there are already 130 enthusiastic and creative people in this collaboration.


The Global Doodle Gems netwerk is spreading and extending. From the Philippines to Taiwan and from the United States to Denmark. Those who want to join the worldwide network must of course have a lot to offer but in particular they must have a distinctive style of drawing. At the moment there are eight Dutch participants active in the Global Doodle Gems network. One of them is 50 year old Johanna Ans van den Broek who came in contact with Maria Wedel indirectly: “I knew Maria’s work and the idea of creating a companionship of like minded people appealed to me very much, especially the part where you always keep ownership of your work. Often a coloring picture or book is published by a publisher who then owns copyright and also receives all additional revenues. At Global Doodle Gems the artists are put first. It is a wonderful platform to share work, both for newbies and advanced artists.


The good thing is that we all love to draw and to colored but each has his or her own style. And that is exactly what we want to achieve: to bring together all the different styles into one unique color experience. So you work individually but make a book together. We publish several kinds of books, including the so called Volume books which contain sixty coloring pictures by ten different artists. Those whitin our network who are interested can subscribe in advance. The only demand is that the drawing must be ‘clean’, so no traces of erasing, pencil strokes or sloppy lines. The picture must be ready to be colored in immediately. Maria is the one who coordinates all requests. “Sometimes this causes stress. There are quite a lot of people I have to ‘manage’ and things to handle. Luckily Johanna Ans provides support and help, like promotional work as there is the maintenance of our Facebook page or writing blogs for our website.”


To Johanna Ans Global Doodle Gems means more than drawing and writing blogs: “It’s an outlet, or rather a lifebuoy that came at the exact right moment in my life. For some time now I have been struggling with my health. In 2013 I suffered from a brain hemorrhage. I was depressed and had mood swings. Thanks to my work for Global Doodle Gems some tranquility came back into my life. And even more, it restore confidence. Sketching, coloring and writing give me joy. I color since I was eight years old and I’m happy to say that this passion never goes away. Coloring is a thing that comes from deep inside, out of the heart. I always tell others: you don’t need to stay within the lines, just let yourself go. Practice the ‘just do whatever you like’ technique. And it really does not matter with which materials you color. Whether they are inexpensive colored pencils from a budget store like Lidl or a beautiful Caran d’Ache Pablo set (which by the way are my favorites): it’s the hand that colors, not the material.”


At the moment Johanna Ans is working on projects……
….that have a Dutch dimension: “I cannot tell much at this stage but together with some Dutch Doodle Gems artists we are working on a book titled “Typical Dutch” which will contain coloring pictures with typical Dutch subjects like windmills and cheese. Also I am working on “Wood you color me”? It’s all in the name: it is a coloring book that revolves around wood. The cover is colored in by Wendy Hofstee of Wendy Kleurt! I was also involved with making the Global Doodle Gems book “Directory of Who’s Who” (in this issue of Kleurglossy you can find several drawings from this publication). This book is published in cooperation with Adult Coloring Worldwide and is aimed at adult colorists. In it there are 119 designs on as many pages with mentioning the name of the artist. A beautiful coloring book that lets you meet the artists and their styles. Oh, and I will publish a calender book. Not to mention all the regular duties.


Not only Johanna Ans is very active within the Global Doodle Gems community, all artists are. New titels are published every month. Besides the Volume books Global Doodle Gems publishes theme books (like flowers or mandalas) and seasonal books (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine Day). The Volume Mini collection is also popular. “And so covenient! The paperback size fits your bag perfectly. It’s nice to take with you and color in a train or while waiting somewhere”, Johanna Ans says. The books sell very well in the USA but in Netherlands and other countries they do well also. “We have so many talented artists in our ranks. Not only women but men also. From Taiwan there are Mr. End and Pica Wu. And from the Philipines our very talented young man Alfred E. Villanueva. Sketching for Global Doodle Gems provides him with the opportunity for a better life. I am glad that he is well. Looking at myself, I cannot make a living of the revenues. But that is not what I am aiming at. For me Global Doodle Gems is a meaningful way to pass the time. And if at the end I do manage to make a profit than that’s all the better.” Johanna Ans says.


Now that Global Doodle Gems made a successful start it is time to grow further according to Maria. The ultimate goal is to become the largest independent publisher of coloring books. At the moment it is mainly charitable work but in the long run it has to become profitable. “We finance new publications with the profits of existing ones, after settling the artist’s royalties. Profits of the mini books where artists participate voluntarily benefit Global Doodle Gems entirely. As for the rest, we try to draw attention in all possible ways. In countries where we are represented our artists show the public who we are and what we do via Facebook and by other means. But the most important thing is that we provide colorists around the world a beautiful and unique coloring experience.”

10 drawings from the book where choosen to be in the “Kleurglossy” to try out for the colorist…
Artist Ahmed Fouad and Alfred E. Villanueva
Artist Arianne Schimmel and Bev Choy
Artist Casey Gillmore and Johanna Ans
Artist Laurie Beauchamp and Lynni Ex
Artist Ondine Summers and Peggy Sue

I do have the blog made by Kleuren voor Volwassenen, so you can take a look at it right here!

I hope that you like it, to read about our interview and Global Doodle Gems… I little more background information of who we are and what we do.

See you in a next blog
Colorful greetings Johanna Ans & team Global Doodle Gems


GDG New! Laurie Beauchamp “Teacup Treasures” & Mark Coyle “Celestial Creatures”

GDG New! Laurie Beauchamp “Teacup Treasures” & Mark Coyle “Celestial Creatures”

We have some new gorgeous individual books…let’s take a look what can be on your shelves!

Start with a beautiful and sweet book from artist Laurie Beauchamp, GDG “Teacup Treasures”, lovely sweet animals in teacups… really lovely to color!
Laurie colored the drawings for the cover herself, she can do both pretty good!
And look what is inside the book….

Show you some work from our colorists……
…start with Deb Norman from the FB group 50 shades of coloring
laurie-deb-norman-1 laurie-deb-norman-2
Colorist: Audrey Sagh
laurie-audrey-sagh-2 laurie-audrey-sagh-3
Of course there will be more, I am coloring myself too…you will see that in the next blog.
Like to start to color yourself, than klick on the link and get your own Teacup Treasures…You will have a lot of fun coloring these sweeties!

Teacup Treasures: Cuties to color .. love and delight in !

Adult Coloring Book, be prepared to get swept away and fall in love with this beautiful and highly detailed magical book by Laurie Beauchamp …. 35 amazing and wonderful single page drawings of the most wonderful Teacup Treasures ….Cuties to color .. love and delight in !
The next GDG book, is from artist Mark Coyle, a new member of our collaboration, with a beautiful style of drawing…He takes you through a fantasyworld….GDG Celestial Creatures
Mark is also a good colorist, as you can see on the cover, I like to have a look inside the book, you?

Of course our colorists would help us to inspire you….Look at these gorgeous colorings from Véro Pignot
mark-vero mark-vero3

And this beautiful bird, colored by Leo Delescen, AKA The Nightcolorist
And than those beauties from colorist Elisabeth Delhaye 
mark-elisabeth2 mark-elisabeth4
There will be much more to show you, but I safe that for a next blog about Celestial Creatures… Want to have a copy of your own, please klick on the link below

Celestial Creatures: Adult coloring book

Let your imagination soar with these 30 celestial creatures. Interact with the 12 Zodiac  beings and other characters in dreamy constellations: sunhorses and moonhorses, pegasi, goddesses, Sirius the dog star, Lupus the wolf, Ursa the bear, and other sky-roaming beings.The hand-drawn art  ranges in complexity from relatively simple to intricate. Pages are printed on one side.

See you in the next blog…Johanna Ans & team Global Doodle Gems



GDG “Volume 13”, by the Nightcolorist-Leo Delescen

Global Doodle Gems volume 13, by the nightcolorist-Leo Delescen

Leo Delescen, also known as the Nightcolorist, is a guy that I know from the Dutch coloring group “Kleuren Voor Volwassenen”. I love the way how he colors, but also how he can tell about the materials that he uses…. So it will be a great help for us, when he can and will do sometimes a host review for us! And he started with our GDG Volume 13. He also has his own website, please feel free to look  your self,

Thank you very much Leo


During the last week or so I colored several pages in the latest volume of Global Doodle Gems (volume 13), which was recently published. I was already familiar with Global Doodle Gems (GDG) because two Facebook friends of mine are artists and work for them. But I never colored in their published work, so now that both of them had their drawings published in the latest volume I thought this would provide the ideal opportunity for me to try and color in a GDG publication.

And let me say: this book did not disappoint at all!

But first things first, let’s take a look at the cover and some pages:

What a lovely cover for a coloring book! It displays parts of pictures by each of the ten artists that each drew five pages for this book, and are collected in 10 corresponding chapters. The nice thing is that the artists themselves (except one) colored in their own picture which is shown on the cover. I really like that. It shows the affinity of the artists to colorists, something that you can feel throughout this book as a whole because the way the drawings are done are ideal for coloring in.

NOTE from Johanna Ans: Not every artist is a good colorist, or can color…that’s why we from Global Doodle Gems are so happy with our colorists on the fangroup, we challenge them to color for the artist! 

GDG-13-voorbeeld-1 GDG-13-voorbeeld-2

The misconception I had about doodling was that drawings by doodling artists consisted only of circles, both big and small. Well, look at the pictures above: not true! The drawings by the artists in this book are as various as you can get.

One minor issue with this book is the binding. It’s hard to flatten the pages. Therefore the previous pages of the pictures that I was coloring kept falling down and I had to hold them back. Like I said: a minor issue which did not bother me too much, but it would be nice if the binding would be somewhat more loose.

I must say that at first I was somewhat taken aback by the paper this book is printed on. It is on the thin side and although the pages are printed one-sided, which is always a plus in a coloring book, I had my doubts, especially when I would color with Faber Castell Pitt artist pens. But the paper turned out to be fine. So there’s another big plus!

I colored in three pages, two with colored pencils and one with water based markers and also used pastel.

  1. Colored Pencils (wax based)


This is drawn by one of my Facebook coloring friends, Johanna Ans and isn’t it a gorgeous illustration? It was such fun to color in. There are small landscapes within the drawing which I did not notice untill my colored pencils came upon them. That was so cool.

I used Prismacolor Premier pencils which are wax based. They performed excellent. There was almost no need for blending and for the small parts that did I used a Derwent blender pencil. I noticed that you have to take care to not blend over the printed lines because they tend to bleed into the color when you do. And that gives nasty smudges, especially on light colors. But for the rest all went fine with these pencils and I enjoyed coloring in this drawing.

2. Colored pencils (oil based) and pastel



This one is drawn also by a Facebook friend, Peggy Sue, and just as gorgeous! For this one I used Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils which are oil based. They performed just as fine as the Prismacolors. This drawing invites you to turn this animal into a fantasy snail and that was such fun to do. Because the background was a rather big surface I decided to use pastels in a few different shades for it. The pastel sticked well to the paper and was easily smoothed out ( I used my fingertip). Because I wanted to get bright tones I applied several layers of pastel. And I must say that I was very pleased with the result.

3. Water based markers



The third and final one, another beautiful drawing, this one by Taiwanese artist Wenyu Lin Small Fish. I colored this in with Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens. Like I mentioned already, I did not have much faith in the paper but it really surprised me! The felt tips went effortless, there was no bleeding whatsoever, not through the printed lines and not onto the back of the paper. Just excellent!

Wanna take a look yourself in this beautiful book?


Well, there is not much to complain about when it comes to this book. The drawings are various and excellent for coloring in. The artists have an eye for the needs of the colorist. The paper is thin but just fine for coloring with colored pencils, pastel or water based markers. I would advise the Publisher to look into the binding, so the pages can be flattened better in future volumes. But all in all a fine coloring book!

  • Title: Global Doodle Gems volume 13
  • Publisher: Global Doodle Gems, 2016
  • ISBN: 9788793385634

    “Global Doodle Gems” Volume 13: “The Ultimate Adult Coloring Book…an Epic Collection from Artists around the World! “

    Global Doodle Gems adult coloring books is a collaboration of 130+ artists from around the world. We have come together to create a one of a kind coloring experience! Each volume of our coloring books features 10 artists and their amazing drawings 50 color pages in total. Having a wide variety of artists allows us to accommodate all levels of color enthusiasts ! Wishing you a colortastic journey … with our 13th Volume of “Global Doodle Gems”!