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profilepicHello colorist, hello artist…

I am Johanna Ans, from the Netherlands, 50 years young and a single mum of 3 kids, two sons and a daughter, and I am a proud grandmother of my first grandchild Danick.
I am a very creative person, for all my life, what my eyes see, they can make… or I will try to make it myself. I am a good carpenter, an electrician, a nurse, doctor, housedesigner…name it, and I say, thats me… almost an indipendant woman…..

I worked untill november 2013, as a social worker, I got braindamage and ever since, I am a not-want-to-be-home-sitter…. I worked damn hard, to get better, and to learn to live with the new me… and it was a hard way…. but it’s a good walk for now…. it goes better and better every day…

But since september 2015 there came a new challenge in my life, I was invited to join Global Doodle Gems Artists….and I did found myself back…. I already color my whole life, but I forgot that I could draw too…and I picked up my pens…. and I am doing pretty good work…. I am in more than 20 GDG Books at the moment…. and I will go on….. And besides that, I make the GDG Blogs, something that I really like to do…. See more of my work here

Facebook : Johanna-Ans-My-creative-site