GDG “Wood you color me?” by Johanna Ans

GDG “Wood you color me?” by Johanna Ans

My first mini individual to share with the world. I played with the pattern and the word WOOD! Wood as in WOULD of course, I made some oneliners, that gave me a lot of fun to play with. You know me, cats are also one of my favorites to draw, so you find a mix of oneliners, woodpattern and cats in this book. There are 40 drawings to color.

The cover is colored beautifully by my friend Wendy Hofstee-Wiersema, you might know her from her own gorgeous page “Wendy Kleurt”. She did a great job on that. Thank you very much my friend!

Take a look with me what is all inside this minibook….

I had some colorists on a event, couple of monts ago, to try my drawings…. how they WOOD color them… I show you that result>
Deb Norman colored these, the frontpage….
nr-1-deb-norman-1 nr-1-deb-norman-4

nr-1-deb-norman-7 nr-1-deb-norman-10
And one of my WOOD eggs….Deb is the owner of  50 Shades of Colouring
nr-30-deb-norman-3 nr-30-deb-norman-6
This one is from colorist Manuela Bremer
Colored by Hester Moult
great work by Ghislaine Royer
and last one of this serie is colored by Louise Friedrich
I love to see how different people color, same drawing but such a different results. Thanks girls for your help!

I also made a video form all the colored pieces that I made with Wendy, let’s take a look ok?

I hope you like my idea of this nice minibook, and maybe I will see results of your colorings on our fangroup Global Doodle Gems. You also can find some freebies to color…every week a new set of 2 drawings on one A4 sized paper…..Than I will collect them, and use them for my next blog about WOOD you color me?….WOOD you like that? Of course I will mention your name as the colorist!

Wood You Color Me: Adult coloring book

woodyoucolormeAdult Coloring Book “Wood” you color me ? Playing with oneliners of the word Wood as Would and the theme of wood…. enter and enjoy a woody world of Wood…

Have a great colorful day, your blogger Johanna Ans & team Global Doodle Gems

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