Global Doodle Gems B-Day Party for Maria Wedel, Twist’A’Dala book volume 1

Global Doodle Gems B-Day Party for Maria Wedel, Twist’A’Dala book volume 1

Yihaaaa, happy Birthday Maria…. in the meantime you know me a little (!) and a lot of our colorists too! Months ago I started to collect your blank pages from the Twist’A’Dala book…and now I will show you why! For those who do not know the book…. here is the gorgeous colored cover, colored by Ellen Wolters, and the fliptrough of the book! I warn you, once you start to color it, you won’t be able to stop!

Maria Wedel Twist a Dala volume 1

I asked a lot of people from all over the world to help me color as many of the drawings I could share as possible…. And almost every one of them also made Work In Progress shots…so there is a lot to insprire you.. Let us start with the first video!

There were so many pictures that I had to make more videos of them.. I hope you like seeing all these drawings come alive!

Colorists from France, Australia, America, Taiwan, The Netherlands and more were involved in this secret B-Day surprise for Maria…. I would love to be the fly on the wall to see her face when she sees all this!

Even the colorings that I found on Global Doodle Gems Fangroup are included! You can join us if you like, meet 1000s and 1000s of colorists, even meet the artists, and see a lot of beautiful colorings and artwork….

Maria is an artist all the way, she also makes big big drawings and colorings, and a year ago she had this dream, to build Global Doodle Gems, a collaboration for artists from all over the world, to make gorgeous adult coloring books… she has published almost 100 books to date, in just one year….

Nice hey, to see all those gorgeous colorings…. I like to see what people can make from the same drawing, it ends up a totally different picture … every body has their own style or creativity. There is no limit, as long as you have fun coloring your piece, then it will be great work! Let the color come from you inner child, from your heart. Don’t think too much about how to…just have fun, and go with the flow!

I will show you the last video…all the finished pieces one after another. Thank you all my friends that helped me to make this for Maria, without your help, I could not make this surprise from all this gorgeous work!

Maria, you laid your hand on the artists of the world, you gave us opportunities that we dare not even dream of, thanks to you, we come from around the world…. That’s what the coloring of Peggy Sue Karunding tells us…. I will give it this extra attention, because it is gorgeous!
nr 26 Peggy Sue (30)

Congratulations Maria, from all of us, for your Birthday, and for the first Anniversary of Global Doodle Gems

If you like to have a copy of your own…please be my guest!

The Twist’A’Dala Chill Pill: Global Doodle Gems presents The Twist’A’Dala Chill Pill

The Twist’A’Dala Chill Pill is a coloring book for all ages and levels, as hard as you make it or as easy as you wish, my personal stress relief and chill time, is when I sit and draw these twister drawings… choose your wave according to your mood … wishing you a colortastic time with it !

Click on pic to shop now !

Your blogger Johanna Ans and a lot of colorists!


7 thoughts on “Global Doodle Gems B-Day Party for Maria Wedel, Twist’A’Dala book volume 1”

  1. This was all so interesting.
    Love the book after seeing one if the pages colored in so many different ways. I have put it on my wish list and keeping fingers crossed that someone will surprise with with it as a guft.
    Happy B-Day

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This blog was a very interesting one. Love this book after seeing all the different ways it was colored.
    I have put it on my wish.
    Thank you


  3. Johanna, you have made this so special for Maria!!! Thank you so much!!! Love seeing all the different coloring a of each drawing!!!! Spectacular job!!! Great blog!!! Happy Birthday Maria!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank You to all of you wonderful Angels who participated and made my birthday extra extra Special …I love you all ! Amazing work and I feel like bursting with Love and joy !

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow what an awesome blog! So amazing the amount of different ways people Colour similar designs! Thank you for this blog Johanna, it’s a delight to watch all the videos 😊 And Happy Birthday Maria! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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