Global Doodle Gems Mini Collection Volume 6

Global Doodle Gems Mini Collection Volume 6

What a beautiful cover this is, so sweet and nice…    The backcover is done by artist Rover Hsiao and the frontcover is from artist Lilan Chen

We can take you on a trip to look inside the book..come on let’s go!

That is a lot of fun to color, isn’t it? Here I will show you the list of all the artists that contributed to this Mini Collection Volume 6
Artist List

I will show you some colored pieces, to inspire you…it is a great book, small drawings, fun on the road or in the hospital, or wherever you have to be for a while….

Artist and colorist Rover Hsiao
Rover Hsia.3 Rover Hsiao.1

Artist and colorist Mireille Westerduin
Mireille Westerduin
Artist and colorist Audrey Sagh
Audrey Sagh.1 Audrey Sagh

Artist and colorist Velvet Comeau
Velvet Comeau

I will show you more of course, in a next blog that you will see very soon.

I hope you like the art that you see….

“Global Doodle Gems” Mini Collection Volume 6: Adult Coloring Book “Pocket Gems for you to bring along !”
Pocket coloring book from Global Doodle Gems, 18 artists and 50 drawings in Mini Collection Volume 6, to fit in your purse when you are on the Go ! Global Doodle Gems adult coloring books is a collaboration of 140+ artists from around the world. We have come together to create a one of a kind coloring experience!

Click on pic to shop now !

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