Artist Spotlight Johanna Ans

PeggySue3About time that we make an artist Spotlight on one of the persons who are working really hard on GDG , and actually the person who makes this blog and … to keep it secret for the surprise this has been in the works for quite a while gathering material… and I will have to put it up while knowing Johanna is sleeping hihi…. A lot of artists have helped to get wonderful colored material together for this blog … Going to start out with the video overview , with all the awesome contributions that I received after that we will dig down and hear from the artists ….Personally I am very thankful to know you Johanna and your help and support with this adventure of Global Doodle Gems is just more than I could ever wish for ! Thank you …. and I am sure when you see this it is goodmorning too…

Nancy van Acker

Johanna is someone who is always ready to help  someone, or with advise or with mental support despite  her own  troubled life. I have a lot of respect for her. She puts up a lot of work and create beautiful drawings which I love to color.  Keep up the spirit girl, love you  and hope to meet this summer together with Peggy , also an amazing artist, , 😉 Nancy

Maria, here my contribution for Johanna, I also put a picture of my smartphone cover. I had it made of a drawing of her do-book because i loved it so much. Part is drawn by her and part by me.

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Karin Speijer

Zo’n twee jaar geleden kwam ik op een kleurgroep terecht en daar viel mij een vrouw op met een hele sterke mening en die zij ook niet onder stoelen of banken stak.

Ik was best een beetje bang voor haar en ik vond haar ook niet zo aardig. Totdat ik die vrouw een beetje ging volgen en haar opmerkingen eens goed ging lezen en ik kwam tot de conclusie dat die vrouw verstand van zaken had,  en mijn “angst” ging over naar aardig vinden en mijn waardering werd groter.

Eigenlijk weet ik niet eens meer hoe zij en ik in contact zijn gekomen, maar een digitale vriendschap is in ieder geval ontstaan.  Ik voelde haar trots toen zij mij vorig jaar vertelde over haar avontuur bij Global Doodle Gems en nog trotser toen zij mij vroeg of ik wat platen voor haar in wilde kleuren.

Ook al hebben wij geen dagelijks contact, we weten dat het goed zit. Wij zijn allebei druk op onze eigen manier, maar zodra er een PM van haar of mij binnenkomt, dan hebben we weer even tijd voor elkaar en bespreken we dan ook van alles.. of het nu het kleuren of tekenen betreft, of gewoon even ons hart luchten over privé dingen.

En ondanks dat ik Ans (nog) niet in levende lijve heb ontmoet, is zij voor mij gevoel een vrouw met een sterke mening, die heeft geleerd het kaas niet van haar brood te laten eten, maar ook een vrouw met een heel klein hartje .., een vrouw die voor je klaarstaat wanneer het nodig is.

Veel liefs van Karin

About two years ago I “met” Johanna Ans on a colouring group, and actually , I was a bit afraid and intimidated by her.

But when I started to read her comments, I realized , she was a women who knew what she was talking about.

I don’t remember how we did get in contact, but a friendship was born. I felt how proud she was when she told me about Global Doodle Gems and her new adventure. And I was proud when she asked me if I could colour some of her new drawings.

Even we don’t have a daily contact, we know it’s ok, we are both busy with our colouring and drawing life, but when we receive a PM from each other we make the time for a chat .. about our colouring life of just about private stuff.

However I didn’t met Ans ( not yet )  in person, but I think she a women with a strong opinion and she learned to stood up for herself , but more important, she is woman with the heart on the right place. Whenever you need help or just somebody who you want to tell how bad your day was, she is there for you.


Ellen Wolters
I admire Johanna and always wonder if her days contain 48 hours

in stead of 24 hours. The work this lady achieves is amazing!

What she means for GDG and the Dutchies Group is undescribable.

We couldn’t do without her! Thank you Johanna Ans!


Ik bewonder Johanna en vraag me altijd af of haar dagen uit 48 uur bestaan

in plaats van 24 uur. Het werk dat zij verricht is ongelooflijk!

Wat zij voor GDG en de Dutchies Groep betekent is niet te beschrijven.

We kunnen niet zonder haar! Dankjewel Johanna Ans!


Carla den Otter-van Dam

Ans is een lieve hardwerkende artiest. Die met veel passie tekent en kleurt.

Met haar kenmerkende kattenstijl kleur ik haar tekeningen graag.

Ik heb voor haar tweede boek, Twister Gems Doodle Do, de cover mogen kleuren dat vond ik een hele eer.

Ik hoop dat we in de toekomst nog vaak samen zullen werken.

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Vero Pignot

First this drawing that you can find in the Who’s who directory 2016 (If I remember correctly).

Johanna really deserves her place in this book together with the best artists in the world.

This drawing is just fantastic to let your imagination express herself. You can see a cat, or not….. But why not a super hero cat ? He will fight all bad on Earth !!!! Then he needs some super hero clothing with bright color, to be seen even at night. He should be impressive to frighten the evils but also kind to give a hand to those who need help…..

As you can see, A Johanna’s drawing can lead you to build a complete wonderful story and this is what I love in her drawings. It is just like a good book or a good movie but you take part in the writing of the scenario….. And this is exactly what I want when coloring : go else where from real world.

GDG Twister Gems Doodle Do Book.

Johanna just had a genious idea with this book : this is wonderful coloring book BUT also a drawing book even for people as me who are not drawers…..

Imagination has no limit anymore. Johanna starts the picture for you and you can add whatever you want !!!!!! After, you just have to color your co-creation with Johanna and finally discover that you are not that bad at drawing. That your mind needs to express some things and Johanna offers you free space for this.

This idea is really fantastic and only an artist as Johanna, who is kind and devoted to other people could have this idea.

I am really thankful to Johanna to let me discover this book and to let me express myself further away than with just the coloring part.


Global Doodle Gems vol 8

At the beginning I was a little afraid to color this drawing. It was so full of details, so many stories to read in a unique drawing. What color could I choose ? I begun with the fish. Ok let’s put some blue around him and sun above him….. And finally I discovered that I can use any color, that I was free. Cats could be blue, pink or green…. I spent hours on this drawing, completely escaping the stress of real world. Color only matters…… Now it is like an addiction and I am looking forward to find again this meditation state by coloring other Johanna’s drawings in GDG vol 8.


Cat Gems

Coloring cats, OK why not. I do not really mind cats, I prefer dogs….. But anyway, this drawing was just wonderful. With a lot of details that kept me away from reality for some hours….. And Ok cats are really beautiful animals and really pleasant to color. But what’s more, they are mysterious and they can see some things we, humans, can not see. And by coloring this drawing, I had the impression to discover what cats can see, with small little worlds hidden in the main drawing. Go and find the trees, the sun, the flowers, the rivers….. Our world may not just be one, there may be some smaller worlds living around us that we can’t see. Ok I may look like insane….. But coloring Johanna’s drawing led me again in a meditation state and enabled me to ask some questions about reality, what we can see, what is hidden….. That is even philosophical coloring thanks to Johanna’s drawing. Juste give a try !




Johanna is a wonderful artist, her designs are beautiful, vary constantly and are very diverse. They are great to color for both beginning colorists and for the more advanced colorists among us!
Besides that, Johanna colors a lot of work of others too beautifully! Because she is good at it, but also because she is always willing to help others in our wonderful GDG Collaboration.
Johanna has offered herself to make all the wonderful blogs of GDG, in which she puts a lot of time and effort. She has become ‘the mother’ of all the Dutch members of the GDG Collaboration and organised a group together with some awesome colorists (team Dutchies)! She is straightforward and clear and does a huge amount of work for us all, which is highly appreciated!
Thanks so much Johanna!
Marieke Raterman (Monnicken Werken) and Mireille Westerduin (Color by Mi)

Laurence Roucou

I discovered thanks to Johanna GDG . This is a talented artist and his work is very original: I adore ! Also, it’s a very nice person : sensitive, fun , dynamic, Johanna …. Thanks for all that you are and all you do .A lot of kisses

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Dear Johanna Ans,

You know i am not much of a writer.

So… to you this poem by

Everything you do

I appreciate everything that you do,

Very helpful and thoughtful too.

From the beginning, you’ve been there for me,

When i was down, you were strong like a tree.


You offer so much, a heart that is kind,

Thinking to help others, in your beautiful mind.

Your qualities combined, are extremely rare,

You wake up each morning, with a smile and care.


Everything you do, i respect and praise,

Youre a wonderful person, you always amaze.

Wish to say thank you, deep in my heart,

For so many lives, you’re a big part.


Thanks Anske you are great


Greetings Arianne


Ik leerde Ans in 2014 kennen via een kleurgroep en na een chatsessie kwam ik erachter dat we heel veel gemeen hadden, niet alleen op kleurgebied maar ook persoonlijk. Vele nachtelijke chats met diepgaande gesprekken, en een aantal mooie, warme ontmoetingen….In een korte tijd is ze heel veel voor mij gaan betekenen….Ans is iemand die trouw is aan haarzelf, maar ook dezelfde waarde hecht aan een vriendschap. Weet wat zij wil en weet waar zij het over heeft. Vol overgave en met heel haar ziel en zaligheid zet ze zich in voor GDG en in een korte tijd heeft ze zichzelf gemaakt tot iemand die echt onmisbaar maar zeker een goede aanwinst is voor GDG. Bij GDG zit ze op “haar” plek….en met recht…na al dat harde werken, soms met grote tegenslagen en teleurstellingen maar daardoor sloeg ze harder terug….

Ben trots op je lieverd…..en dit keer ben jij degene die in de spotlight gezet mag worden….gewoon….omdat je het verdiend !!!!

I got in touch with Ans about two years ago in a coloringgroup and I found out that we have a lot in common, not only with coloring but also personal. So many chats till morning and a few beautiful and warm meetings…In a short time she became very imported to me. Ans is great  to herself but also in friendship. She knows what she wants and know what she’s talking about. With so much passion and all of her heart and soul she has made herself indispensable but mostly a very important recruit in GDG. In GDG she’s at her place….for sure….besides all her hard work and afford, conquer all the negativity she fight hard back!

I’m very proud of you dear Ans….this time you’ll be the one who’s standing in the spotlight…just because….. you deserve it!!!

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Wendy Kleurt

Hoi hoi..
Ben niet zo goed in schrijven maar heb het geprobeerd…

Er is me gevraagd om iets over Johanna Ans te schrijven.. We leerden elkaar kennen op de groep, Kleuren voor volwassenen waar op dat moment ongeveer 200 leden waren.. Doordat de groep toen nog klein was, had je veel met elkaar te maken.. Ik vond Johanna Ans altijd een beetje een kattekop.. Ze kon vreselijk uit de hoek komen, maar ze zei wel de waarheid en nu terwijl ik dit zit te typen lig ik slap van het lachen… Ik heb in die tijd wel heel veel dingen dankzij haar geleerd.. Laatst heb ik het hier nog met haar over gepraat en gezegd dat ik mijn mening bijgesteld heb hahaha… Inmiddels kunnen we heel goed met elkaar overweg en hebben we soms de vreemdste gesprekken haha.. Ze zet zich voor 1000% in voor GDG en staat altijd open voor ideeen! Johanna Ans, je bent een topper!

I got the question to write something about Johanna Ans. We’ve known each other from the Dutch  colouring group “Kleuren voor volwassenen”. At that time there where 200 members. Because of the small size of the group you had more a connection with each other. At first sight I found Johanna Ans a bit of a bossy. Sometimes she did react very snibby, always speaks whats in her mind…..and that was the truth…while I’m writing it down I am laughing about it. But now I’ve learned a lot from her. Last we had a conversation about it but told her that I’ve changed my mind about it hahahahaha…From now on we can get along so good and have the strangest conversations with each other. She is 1000%devoted to GDG and always open for new ideas! Johanna Ans…you’re the best!

Elisabeth Delhaye

A couple of words for Johanna !!

Johanna, my best dutch friend,

Oh, first time i write poetry in english !!!!

How I’m pleased to write those few words for you

A great artist drawing, coloring,

No, forgot, also taking care of gdg’s blog

Nice lady encouraging us to improve

Always a little compliment to say us

A wonderful lady, please go on like that

Now I think, I must say

« So Johanne, so many thanks for all you do » !!!!

(sorry, hard for me to find the good rhymes in english)

Elisabeth Delhaye



So that is the end of a very long blog …I hope you all feel like you got to know Johanna a little bit better and I hope that Johanna will like the surprise … Please take a closer look at Johannas books …
Books by and with Johanna Ans


Yes, very very surprised… and overwelmed too! I sit here, with my mouth open, tears are falling down, can’t almost believe that you did this for me…and, oh what a great and nice words…..thank you so much, ALL OF YOU!!


And you know me…. better than I thought, I read words, that I did not see it my self, that it’s me…but they are all true!!!
And I also see brand new colorings from my work…. you did surprise me…really!!!


Anske…. Ansje….Johanna…Johanna Ans       BIG HUG FOR ALL OF YOU!!!



Twister-Gems-Doodle-do-book: Adult Coloring Book Step to finish…Draw along and Color (Volume 1)
Adult coloring book with step outs of the process. With some help from me to inspire you and your imagination we will make art together. You can draw with me as your example, copie my idea…or fill in whatever pops up in your mind…. I give you lines… half designs and finished work…and after that…there will be a lot to color… your art… mine… and ours! Draw your colorful life with me

Click on pic to shop now !


Cat Gems: Global Doodle Gems Presents Cat Gems by Johanna Ans
Coloring book for all Cat lovers, fun, quirky great for all levels, 42 designs and a surprise for the end ….The book “GDG Cat Gems” is an adult coloring book, but of course you can color with your kids too! Don’t let yourselves be held back by the detailed work, because you can color it anyway you want, it will be your art too! Have a lot of fun with all the materials you have, because there is no holding back, the book is single side printed! Prrrrr,…prrrr….prrrr…., mrauw, have furry fun coloring these furry friends!
Click on pic to shop now !

The Little Big Book of Egg Designs: 400 Eggs to color + A special freebie bonus
400 decorated eggs to color and have fun with in various sizes, extra bonus codes inside for biggie eggs ..So here is my little big book of Egg designs….remember it does not have to be Easter,to have fun times with eggs, Eggtime is any time !!!

Click on pic to shop now !

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