Artist Spotlight Leen Margot

My friend Leen !!!

Inviting you to  Leen Margot’s universe.

This french primary school teacher, and mother of two  (her 13 years old girl also draw ),is also a long time artist that touches everything (paintings, photography,… and of course a very talented drawer)

She’s also a very kind person who makes tutorials, explanations, to get us improve, makes some coloring meetings close to Paris.

Before being edited by GDG, she had on her own edited 3 drawings books (one with Fafahé). You can find her drawings in several books of GDG, and Harmony is the most accomplished.

You’ll find in it different styles of drawings (ladies, mandalas, animals, cats (hi hi, her favourite pet!!), easier or harder drawings, some also made with cuttlelola (electric pen)

She’s always ready to participate and invest into a charitable work (last one is doing drawings for a pet association)

I had, with others, the nice privilege to put her drawings into colours. Always, i will have the  thought my pens run alone on paper, as the drawing is …. waouhhhhhh

So, enough for today !

It’s time for you to let you dive into Harmony !

3, 2, 1,…… go go go

Elisabeth Delhaye…

video by Amandine Cyril M.L

See Artist Profile

Books where Leen Margot’s work is featured

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