GDG Individuals, minibook “Capture the Color” by Lynne McGee

GDG Individuals, minibook “Capture the Color” by Lynne McGee

The first individual GDG Minibook to color, to have in your bag…. great size, lovely cover, great drawings.

Het eerste individuele miniboek van Global Doodle Gems is geboren….. handig voor in je tas…. perfect formaat, schattige cover, prachtige tekeningen.

Capture the Color

Let’s start with the usual look inside of this brand new book “Capture with Color”

Zoals gewoonlijk eerst effe een kijkje naar de binnenkant in dit boek “Capture with Color”

Who is Lynne McGee, I asked her if she would tell us more about who she is…and she wrote this for us, to know her a little better:

“When I was younger I loved to colour in and when I had children they loved it if I would draw them a picture to colour but I never actually thought that I could ‘draw’ and so I never took lessons. I became a Stress Management Consultant, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. My hobby and passion became Spiritual and I taught myself to read Tarot simply because I loved the pictures and they spoke to me and people loved to look at them.Wind the years forward and an artist friend whom I had met through Tarot introduced me to Zentangle and that childhood artist within came out to play once again. By a great stroke of luck,or perhaps synchronicity, an online friend( Jeanne Burbage), who had seen some of the zentangle pieces that I’d drawn for fun, invited me to join the Global Doodle Gems Project and I nervously accepted a step into a whole new world. What gave me the courage to step forward as a new artist was the fact that here was something else that I could participate in that was in alignment with my former career path. I could continue to help people reach that wonderfully relaxed meditative state that brought with it so very many health benefits by providing them with pieces to colour in! I am so glad I did as the journey so far has been very rewarding and exciting!”

Lynne send me a lot of her drawings in color, that she did her self. Let us be inspired by her gorgeous work….

Lynne heeft me een heel pakket gestuurd van haar eigen ingekleurde werk. Laten we genieten van haar werk, en ons door haar laten inspireren! 

Color 320160129_08333342 Color 320160129_08342613 Color 320160129_08353034 Color 320160129_08362513 Color 320160129_08372042 Color 320160129_08384868
As you all can see, there are all kind of different styles in this minibook, so you can search for your favorite, or the best that fits you at the moment.

Zoals je ziet, verschillende stijlen in één miniboek, je kan dus gaan voor de mooiste, of dat wat je op dat moment het beste past.
Color 320160129_08393465 Color 320160129_08402414 Color 320160129_08412710 Color 320160129_08423775 Color 320160129_08433500 Color 320160129_08442641 Color 320160129_08451853  Color 320160129_08472548

50 pages of fun, 50 singleside printed drawings, 50 moments of joy and happiness while you are coloring, 50 pages to un-stress yourself, 50 ways…. to do it your way!

50 pagina’s lol beleven, 50 enkelzijdig gedrukte pagina’s, 50 momenten van plezier en geluk terwijl je kleurt, 50 pagina’s om te ontstressen, 50 pagina’s….. om op jouw manier in te vullen!
Color 320160129_08461668

Capture the Color by Lynne McGee: Global Doodle Gems presents Capture the Color Adult Coloring Book by Lynne McGee

Capture the Color, Adult Coloring Book by Lynne McGee. Lynne is a retired Clinical Hypnotherapist and Stress Management Consultant living in sunny Brisbane. I love the whole idea of colouring for meditation as it’s such a simple tool that everyone can access with ease in this too busy world. I myself draw, doodle and colour and I meditate with my other passion, Tarot, in my spare time.

Click on pic to shop now !


Thanks Lynne for your help. so it became a nice and personal blog about you and your lovely book!

Coloristic days and untill next time

Johanna Ans & team Global Doodle Gems





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